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Our History

Some guests, the smallest and the most curious, ask above all us this question: "Why is your hotel called FELIX?"

The nice cat of the cartoons hasn't  anything to do with it but this name is tied up to the history of our family that me, Simona, I want shortly to tell you.

This original name has been selected from my dad Giorgio in honor of my grandfather that was called Felice.

My grandfather was a true wolf of sea that in the distant 1956 decided to move from the country to the sea as many persons to that epoch, looking for a better life and it has been really happened!

In winter, when the season of the fishing was calmer, he begun to build a modest house really on the ground where it now rises the hotel that of year in year it has gone widening for satisfying the application of receptiveness of the years 60-70.

In reality my grandfather has never managed the hotel because he was too tied to his beloved sea and so for various years the hotel has been given in management to other families (Pradella and Parmeggiani) up to when in 1983 my parents, Giorgio and Novella, have decided to take the reins of the activity.

To that times my brother Stefano and I, studied still but in summer we always helped our parents that have transmitted us the passion for this job to the point that in 1999, together with my husband Giovanni, have decided to undertake this adventure.

In the meantime our beloved children were born (Chiara, Samuele, Federico, Viola and Maddalena) and they made our family even more beautiful. Now they are helping us in our hotel.

The name FELIX therefore, has an affective value and a very beautiful meaning.

It says in Latin "happy, fortunate" and  has become our visit ticket: we desire that you can spend an holiday full of happiness, of relax and of  joy that countersign us.

Let's wait you to welcome you with a smile and make you feel part of our "Felix" family!