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Are you a lover of green holidays and do you like to stay in a hotel that thinks about the environment and respect for nature?

We have always loved our land and the nature that surrounds us and that's why we joined to Legambiente Turismo to make our hotel even greener!

We share these commitments and objectives: to protect the environment, to respect and promote the typicality and culture of our territory, to promote sweet and sustainable tourism, to offer a conscious, comfortable and quality holiday in respect of the places visited.

All of us can do our little part to respect the world we live in. Some good practices and correct behavior towards nature and environmental sustainability are often enough:
  • Several years ago we installed solar panels. The solar energy that we store is used to produce hot water; the one with which you can relax with a nice shower when you come back from the beach.
  • We use low consumption light bulbs or LEDs and we have inserted water flow regulators in the taps of the rooms.
  • We have air-conditioned the whole hotel with a high efficiency cooling system.
  • In our hotel there is also a separate collection of paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.
  • We also pay close attention to the environment by using ecological quality detergents and reduced environmental impact while maintaining high standards of cleaning, recycled toilet paper and ecological courtesy sets.
  • We try to limit the use of plastic, reducing the use of disposable products, especially packaged food for breakfast.
  • Every day we buy quality products from our local suppliers to then cook them and bring them to our tables (where the tablecloth is made of cotton or reusable material) and let you taste the delicacies of our territory.
  • Our delicious typical dishes are often homemade using local products at Km O or bio. In fact, we choose the best fruit and vegetables for you, we prefer meat and fish from our area as well as you can taste organic wines from the Romagna hills.
  • We put at your disposal bicycles to be used on the new cycle paths of the city and buses for guided excursions on the Rimini hills, as well as we have installed a charging station for electric cars.

Then welcome to our eco-friendly hotel for a real green holiday! :)